EnduroTAGS Colour Range

Enduro Tags have developed a range of vibrant colours to choose from when selecting your tags. Each colour has been specially formulated to provide maximum longevity when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Our colours are also designed to provide the best contrast possible with the laser printing which can be done on the tags.

We offer a rage of 9 different colour for use on visual management tags and also for use with the appropriate year colours for sheep NLIS tags.

Please remember that there are certain restrictions around colour usage when it comes to sheep and cattle NLIS tags.

For NLIS cattle tags there are 2 approved colours available. These are white, for breeder cattle and orange for post breeder cattle. Whilst NLIS cattle tags are only able to be used in these colour, cattle visual management tags can be supplied in any available colour of your choice.

For NLIS Sheep tags there are a total of 9 different colours used. Pink is used for post breeder sheep. The other 8 colours are used to identify the year in which the sheep was born. For a full guide on the management of year colours in sheep please see the table below.

The following photograph shows the 9 available colours that are available in the EnduroTAGS range.