About Us - The Enduro Tags Story

Livestock tags by Enduro Tags Dr. John Steinfort founded Enduro Tags in 2011 to tackle issues in NLIS ear tagging systems. Traditional round ear tags have a low retention rate. Their design makes them get caught on objects and fall out. Dr. Steinfort saw many clients face unnecessary expenses and time-consuming retagging due to lost tags. This jeopardised animals' lifetime traceability and added extra work to busy farm schedules.

Driven by a determination to solve this pressing issue, Enduro Tags embarked on years of intensive research, development, trialing, and testing. These efforts culminated in the creation of Enduro Tags, boasting a remarkably high retention rate and leading the charge in innovation within NLIS farm management. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has earned the trust and loyalty of farmers nationwide.

But our journey didn't stop there. Building on our success with NLIS ear tags, we saw a need for more support. We expanded our product range to include various farm management tags. Each tag is tailored to meet the needs of different breeds in cattle, goat, and sheep industries. Our tags ensure long-term retention and prevent post-insertion infections. They also protect electronic functionality from environmental effects. Enduro Tags deliver robust protection and peace of mind to farmers.

At Enduro Tags, we deliver solutions that surpass customer expectations. Explore our online reviews to see satisfied clients firsthand. Join countless farmers who experience the Enduro Tags difference. Discover where innovation meets reliability in livestock management.

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Dr John Steinfort

100% Australian Owned & Made 

Certified 100% Australian Made & Owned, we are proudly independently owned and operated in Warragul, Victoria and we stand as the sole manufacturer of livestock tags in Australia. By keeping our operations local, we contribute to the growth of our community and economy.

Our Enduro Tags boast the highest retention rates, thanks to their innovative anti-snag design featuring twin prongs and locks. Say goodbye to faulty NLIS tags – our rigorous screening process ensures optimal performance every time you scan your livestock.

Enduro Tags holds two contracts with ISC Pty Ltd, the governing body of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). This critical system facilitates traceability, enabling Australian livestock producers to access global export markets with ease.

We're committed to revolutionising the livestock tagging industry. With Enduro Tags, you can tag animals at an early age, knowing that our system provides both electronic and visual identification for lifetime traceability.

Whether you're a national or international customer or distributor, trust Enduro Tags to deliver exceptional value, performance, and quality. Experience the difference with our unmatched expertise and dedication to excellence.
herd of cows with enduro tags