About Us

Enduro Tags was founded by Dr John Steinfort in 2011 in a response to the design shortfalls he saw in NLIS ear tagging systems. In his work, which is conducted all over Australia, he saw many clients incurring unnecessary costs and spending time retagging animals that had lost NLIS Ear Tags in conventional tagging systems. This also affected the animals lifetime traceability and added yet another job to the farms job list! Enduro Tags were created after many years of research, development, trialling and testing. We are proud today of Enduro Tags very high retention rate and overall innovation in NLIS farm management. Don't take our word for it, read our online reviews! 

We have also branched out into farm management tags and off a huge selection of sizes and shapes to suit every every breed in the cattle, goat and sheep . The  long term tag retention for all livestock management systems, and prevent post insertion infections and to ensure the electronic functionality is protected from environmental effects and is robust! No more lost rfid tags or wasted money.
herd of cows with enduro tags

We are proudly independently owned and manufactured in Warragul, Victoria. We are the only livestock tag company that is solely manufactured in Australia. We like to keep the dollars local! Enduro Tags have recorded the highest tag retention due to the tags anti snag design with its twin prong, twin lock design. Our unique screening process through the production cycle means no more faulty NLIS tags are discovered when you scan your livestock!
Enduro Tags has two contracts with ISC Pty Ltd, a statutory body that governs the NLIS, National Livestock Identification System. An important traceability system that has enabled Australian livestock producers to gain access to export markets worldwide.
We believed and have now proven that we have created the next generation livestock tag system, where customers can tag animals at an early age and have the confidence the livestock identification (both electronic and visual) will provide lifetime traceability.
Enduro Tags has the expertise to provide national and international customers and distributors with trusted value service and provide an excellent performance and quality product. Enduro Tags have recorded the highest tag retention due to the tags anti snag design with its twin prong, twin lock design.