Cattle and Sheep Management Tags

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Cattle Management Tags: A Comprehensive Guide

Cattle management tags are an essential tool in the Australian livestock industry, ensuring the traceability and identification of animals across the country. At Enduro Tags, we provide an extensive range of high-quality tags designed to meet the unique needs of every livestock producer. In this comprehensive guide, we explore how cattle management tags work, the benefits of electronic tags and tips on applying them correctly.

How Cattle Management Tags Work

Cattle management tags are used to identify individual animals in a herd, making it easier for producers to keep track of their livestock. They typically contain a unique identification number and may also store other important information about the animal, such as its breed, age and owner's details. In Queensland, the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requires cattle to be tagged with an electronic device, ensuring traceability throughout their lifetime.

Benefits of Electronic Cattle Management Tags

Electronic cattle management tags offer several advantages over traditional visual tags. Some of the key benefits include:
Enhanced Traceability: Electronic tags store data on a microchip, allowing for quick and accurate scanning. This makes it easier for authorities to trace an animal's movements, preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring the integrity of the livestock industry.
Improved Data Management: Electronic tags enable better record-keeping and data analysis, helping farmers make more informed decisions about their herds' health, productivity and breeding programs.
Durability: Enduro Tags' electronic cattle management tags are designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions, providing a long-lasting solution for livestock identification.
Time-saving: Scanning electronic tags is faster and more efficient than reading visual tags, saving farmers valuable time during routine livestock management tasks.

Applying Cattle Management Tags

When applying cattle management tags, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and adhere to the relevant regulations in your state or territory. Some general tips for applying cattle management tags include:
Use the correct applicator: Ensure you have the appropriate applicator for the type of tag you are using. Enduro Tags offers a range of applicators suitable for their various tag designs.
Ensure proper placement: Tags should be placed in the middle of the ear, between the two ribbed cartilage sections. This helps to minimise discomfort and reduces the risk of the tag being dislodged.
Keep equipment clean: Regularly clean and disinfect your tagging equipment to minimise the risk of infection or disease transmission.


How do I know which cattle management tag is right for my herd?

The choice of tag will depend on your specific needs, such as whether you require electronic identification or visual tags. Enduro Tags offers a variety of tags to suit various requirements, including different sizes, colours and electronic options.

Can I customise my cattle management tags with my brand or logo?

Yes, Enduro Tags offers custom printing options for many of their cattle management tags. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and design options.

What should I do if an electronic tag stops working or is lost?

If an electronic tag becomes non-functional or is lost, you should replace it with a new tag as soon as possible to maintain compliance with the NLIS requirements. Keep a record of the new tag number and report the change to the relevant authorities.