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This is our most popular female tag for dairy and beef enterprises.
The laser print is generally below the hair line of the ear. The tag is placed and fixed central to the ear, enabling quick visual serial number recognition. It does not hang down too low and is relatively light and very flexible. A great all rounder identification tag especially for breeders and dairy cows.
Can paired with the large or maxi male tag for reading from the back. With the bottom of the tag hanging below the ear it has a backside printing option for a serial/name/phone number, for maximum print visibility.
Our maxi sized tag is very strong and highly durable for larger animals.

The maxi female tag is ideal for temperate or dairy cattle. It is very popular as a visual identification tag for breeders and dairy farms.

Recommendations for Cattle:


  • Male Tag Recommendation: Can be paired with the ETM1, ETM3 and ETM4 tag
  • Age at application: With an ETM1 it can be applied at birth, with an ETM3 is can be applied at weaning and with an ETM4 it can be applied to yearlings


  • Male Tag Recommendation: Is usually paired with an ETM3 with the high tag option being popular
  • Age at application: Can be applied at weaning, the high tag option can be applied to yearlings

Checkout our application videos here

Made from TPU with UV stabilising additives with great flexibility, colour, and laser print stability for our harsh Aussie environment.

Support an Australian owned, made and designed product.

Print Format:

There are three main formats for the ETF5

  • One Line: This is usually used for a serial number, but it can also be text such as a name
  • Two Lines: This is usually text and a serial number, but can also be two lines of text, or two numbers
  • Three Lines: This is usually two lines of text and a serial number
  • Serial Number on the Back: The ETF5 can hang below the ear, allowing for having the serial number printed on the back for extra visibility

Print Size:

The ETF5 as a maximum print height of 65mm and maximum width of 65mm. The ETF5 has two different print sizes, standard printing, which is our regular size, and maxi printing, this is a larger number but is more expensive. It also has an option for having one line of print on the back of the tag.

  • One Line: The normal printing height for one line is 40mm, the maxi print is 50mm
  • Two Lines: The normal heights are one line 40mm and one line 10mm, for maxi print it is 50mm and 10mm.
  • Three Lines: The normal heights are one line 35mm and the other two 10mm, there is not a maxi print option for three lines of print
  • Serial Number on the Back: The normal printing height for print on the back is 20mm

Additional information

Weight 15.1 g
Dimensions 73 × 100 mm