Frequently Asked Questions

While many in our industry are accustomed to traditional round RFID NLIS ear tags, our innovative approach sets us apart. You can easily discern the difference upon first glance. But, what sets our tags apart? Are they truly transformative enough to address the retention and readability issues you may be facing with your current tags? From herd management for your cattle, sheep and goats, to excellent retention - which means you'll never be caught short in the cattle yards again.

This page is dedicated to addressing these questions head-on. Curated from the most common inquiries from those intrigued by our product, we aim to provide you with the information necessary to confidently make the switch to EnduroTags, you'll never look back! Take a moment to explore this section – it's designed to empower you to give ENDUROTAGS a try with assurance.

Are you Australian owned and do you manufacture your tags in Australia?

Yes, and we have the official Australian Made & Owned certification. We are an Australian owned company and we manufacture all our tags and applicators here in Warragul, Victoria, Australia. All our research and development work has been conducted on Australian properties all over Australia.
We understand the challenges of Australian farming and outback conditions, as well as the resilience of livestock when it comes to tags. That's why we actively designed and rigorously tested these tags in such harsh Australian environments. You can trust in the UV stability, robustness, and longevity of our tags, knowing they've been specifically crafted to withstand these demanding conditions.

What can I expect from purchasing Enduro Tags?

Count on us for friendly service and top-notch tags. Our products boast the darkest laser etch, vibrant colors, and durable electronic components, ensuring long-term livestock identification at a fair price. Tag your animals once at birth or marking/branding and eliminate the labor and stress of tagging before sale or loading them into the race.

What is Enduro Tags turn around time?

When you order, our delivery dispatch time is generally within 5 working days, as long as we have the particular tag type in stock. We will work with you in working with other colour or tag type if the product is not in stock.
We generally have a good supply of of Combo 30 Enduro NLIS cattle and Combo 1 & 2 NLIS sheep tags. Turn around time can also depend upon the size of the order and orders we have in the supply chain.
We will let you know if our supply time is longer than expected or stated.

Where can I buy Enduro Tags?

Our business is primarily direct to farmers from us, the manufacturer. We offer you the best price that supports both your business and ours. This is important to us as we are a small but growing company and helps support our continued investment in creating further innovations with our tag types and technologies.
We also support and sell to resellers and internet livestock tag merchandisers.
We provide sample tag packs, just contact us with your tag format requirements or head to and order your FREE samples with applicator to try for yourself. 

You can also purchase our tags at our Warragul Warehouse, where we manufacture everything on site!

What makes Enduro Tags have such a high retention?

Retention with Enduro Tags is by design not by chance.
The double pin male tag, positioned on the back of the ear and in a longitudinal direction, has no effective catch points. So livestock rubbing on fences/scrub or feeders significantly loose less Enduro tags, as proven by farmer feedback.
Farmers tell us our double prong tag design is gold. They consistently tell us that Enduro Tags performs the best in the field compared to their previously used tags.
We have many livestock farmers who purchase our management and NLIS tags every year as they know they are very reliable in their field performance both electronically, visually and retentively.

Do Enduro Tags transponders read reliably?

We purchase our transponders through a global RFID (transponder) manufacturer, who supply many other tag manufacturers around the world.
Since 2018, we have not had any reports of transponder failure. All electronic tags are checked, scanned, tuned and recorded in our facilities in Warragul, Vic. The NLIS tag eIDs and NLIS numbers are recorded, filed and uploaded to the NLIS data base at the completion of the processing system.
Our Enduro tag and transponder ear position is designed to be scanned and read very quickly. There are two transponder types (button or cylindrical) in industry and each have an optimal and reduced read distance according to its orientation to the reader. The optimal direction for scanning our electronic tags is from the side, so Enduro Tags are excellent for side positioned race readers. Rotary dairy scanners are positioned for short distance reads for all tag types and dairy drafting gates performances are enhanced through our tag/transponder optimal orientation. This translates to less miss reads and more accuracy in scanning and drafting.

Are Enduro Tags more difficult to apply?

Like anything new, its best to give a little extra time to ensure directions are read and followed and the tag is position and applied optimally.
Once the technique is repeated a few times, the process becomes clockwork.
Tagging is preferably done in a crush or branding cradle for cattle and lambing cradle or race for sheep. Restraint is the key and for cattle, ensuring their head is pulled back against the bale, then tagging is safely and reliably repeated.
The double pin heads have fine cutting blades ensuring ease of application with minimal pain reaction. Once the applicator has been fully engaged, the operator will feel the positive tag lock. The applicator is released from the male tag initially followed by the rolling out action of the female tag from the tag holding block. The applicator release is sequenced with jaw opening and works well.

Why are Enduro Tags so innovative?

The concept and early development work started in 2000 by veterinarian and livestock product innovator, Dr John Steinfort. And the company, Enduro Tags Pty Ltd has been established and trading for 10 years.
It is unusual for a small company like Enduro Tags to break into a market that is dominated and distinguished by a similar tag format, spread out across the globe by a few very significant companies.
Our goal is to establish our tag formats and those in development in a market where retention and durability of tag and transponder are paramount, so that nations can rely on a traceability system and farmers can rely on their livestock ID foot print.
We may not have achieved this to date but with industry support and increased sales and awareness of our products, this is our intention in time.

Are Enduro Tags compliant to livestock industry standards?

Our electronic tags comply with the ISO standard 11784 11785. This is an ICAR set standard and governs all livestock eID tags throughout the world.
Our electronic tags also conform to the reader standard ISO24631-2. By implication all readers that follow this standard will read all tags complying with ISO11784 11785.