NLIS Cattle and Sheep Tags

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Quality NLIS Cattle and Sheep Tags for Australian Farmers

At Enduro Tags, we provide a quality NLIS (National Livestock Identification System) cattle and sheep tag designed to meet the needs of Australian farmers, we ship to all states . As a leading supplier of NLIS cattle tags, we are committed to offering high-quality products that comply with government regulations and industry standards. Our range of electronic and visual tags ensures efficient tracking and traceability of your livestock.

How NLIS Tags Work

The NLIS is Australia's mandatory traceability system for livestock, aimed at improving food safety, biosecurity and market access. NLIS cattle tags are a crucial component of this system as they provide a unique identification number for each animal. This enables the tracing of cattle from birth to slaughter, ensuring transparency and compliance with Australian regulations.

Benefits of Electronic Tags

Electronic cattle tags offer several advantages over traditional visual tags including:

Improved readability

Electronic tags use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, making it easier to scan and read the unique identification numbers, even in challenging conditions.

Enhanced data management

With electronic tags, farmers can quickly and accurately record and manage livestock data, resulting in better decision-making and increased productivity.
Time and cost savings: The efficiency of electronic tags can save farmers significant time and resources when it comes to tracking and managing their livestock.

Applying NLIS Cattle Tags

To ensure proper application and compliance, follow these guidelines:

  • Always use the Enduro Tags double pin applicator.
  • Apply the tag to the right ear of the animal, between the cartilage ribs and as close to the head as possible to prevent snagging or tearing.
  • Ensure the male and female parts of the tag are correctly aligned before applying pressure to the applicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electronic NLIS tags mandatory for cattle?

Yes, electronic tags are mandatory for cattle. All cattle must be tagged before being moved from their property of birth.

How long do NLIS cattle tags last?

High-quality cattle tags, like those offered by Enduro Tags, are designed to last the lifetime of the animal. The tags are made from durable materials that can withstand the harsh Australian climate and resist fading, cracking or breaking.

Can I purchase NLIS cattle tags in bulk?

Yes! At Enduro Tags, we offer bulk purchasing options for our electronic cattle tags, allowing you to save on costs while ensuring you have a consistent supply for your livestock management needs.

Choose Enduro Tags for your NLIS Cattle Tags in Queensland, NSW & VIC and experience the benefits of a reliable and efficient livestock identification system. Browse our range of products and place your order today.