Combo 30 Enduro NLIS Cattle Tag

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South Australia
The Cattle Industry Fund is established by the Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Cattle Industry Fund) Regulations 2015. Part 2 (7) of the regulations specifically relates to ‘Contributions to the Fund’ and the requirements of authorised tag manufacturers.
To buy our NLIS cattle tags in Queensland you need to be registered as a Biosecurity Entity with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

You can contact DAF and request an Application for Permanent NLIS Devices on 13 25 23, email or log into your Biosecurity Entity Account and apply.
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If you already have the approval you can upload it here. Otherwise complete your purchase and email the application to once you have it. We will not be able to produce the tags until we have the completed form.
In Victoria the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions need to be notified and tags registered. You can either register them yourself and upload the completed form or tick the 'Register tags for me' box and we will register the tags for you.
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Upload completed DJPR NLIS cattle form, it can be downloaded here. You can also complete the order and email the completed form to or SMS photos of all pages of the completed form to 0458 008-900
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The Combo 30 is a unique & Australian designed tag with double lock and double pin male tag. The design ensures long term retention with no recorded losses from transportation. Ideal for all breeds of cattle including dairy cows where eID reads are constantly required. Well suited and utilised by many producers in all scrub country, open grazing, high UV and both humid & dry environments.

This tag is readily applied to calves at marking, branding, weaning or to yearlings and heifers (and dairy calves at birth). The double pin male tag has cutting edges that slice through the ear rather than puncturing, ensuring application is easier than what you would expect  (farmer feedback). Our Combo 30 Enduro NLIS tag is best applied centrally within the central ear gully, parallel to the ear. From the back of the ear perspective, the back-strap and inner placed prong then deflect snagging obstacles, such as experienced with feeders, fencing wire, scrub and tree rubbing.

Ongoing farmer feedback tells us that you can expect a loss rate of 1% or less per annum with excellent transponder functionality experienced.

By purchasing this NLIS tag, you are ensuring your medium to long term stock identification whilst supporting regional Australian business & employment and an Australian owned, made and designed product.

Please note the Combo 30 includes the ET39 female electronic tag and the ETM1 male clip. Checkout our application videos here


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